Assignment #2 Photoshop

Posted On February 9, 2012

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Photos by artolog

Here are a few pictures that I used photoshop to add funny captions to each photo.  I though the two kittens were cute and thought my captions were funny, because it looks like one of the cats is trying to hide in the corner of the picture.


Assignment #1 My First WordPress Blog Post

Posted On February 1, 2012

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I had a lot of fun making my website and I hope that anyone looking at my site will enjoy learning about me and the blogs I post on here to showcase what I learn in my Internet Marketing class.  WordPress makes it really easy to create your own website and offers a lot of helpful sources if you have any questions.  It allows people who do not know how to do coding still be able to do everything you want without it.  With this being my first website, I enjoyed looking at all the different themes they offered.  I chose the theme I did, because I enjoyed the peaceful colors and how it reminded me of how it looked outside. 

Through the course of my final semester at Northern Illinois University, I look forward to learning more about customizing my website so that I can use it later on when I am looking for a career.  I plan on using my site more as we learn about Internet Marketing.  Overall, I am really looking forward to this class as well as graduating in May.  I hope everyone who reads my blog updates enjoys reading about my experiences and offers any suggestions they have on how to enhance my site.

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