HW #6 Paid Searches

Posted On March 7, 2012

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Record Bowl


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Keyword bid: Record


a)      There is low competition for this word.

b)      The monthly global volume is 55,600,000 and the local search volume is 20,400,000

c)      I would try adding other relevant keywords to this search to get a better targeting for Ecoist.com’s demographic.  I would suggest adding recycled which shows a global volume of 1,830,000 and a local monthly search of 823,000 with medium competition and bowl which shows a global volume of 16,600,000 and a local monthly search of 11,100,000 with low competition to the list, because this narrows down the list and makes it more likely your ad and website will be seen.  Using the keyword phrase recycled record bowl is a medium competition with a global monthly search of 58 and local monthly search of 36.

d)     The number of clicks for the keyword Record is 31 clicks per day and the estimated daily cost for Record would cost $31 a day if my bid was a dollar per click.


a)      Ecoist.com is currently bidding on 121 keywords.

b)      My keyword was not in it top ten.  Its major clicks come from its recycled handbag and purses lines.

c)      After looking at the results, I would suggest that it try to focus on its other products as well as its handbags and purses lines.  It is competing against larger companies that have a lot more money they can spend on keyword bidding, so it need to be more focused on certain keywords used.