Homework #4 VFW AD

Posted On February 22, 2012

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The images in the ads were taken by me and show a real VFW Post located in Oregon, IL and an actual VFW member who served in the Korean War.  It helps the client’s goal, because it adds an authenticity to it, so more people will trust it and click on it.  A/B testing is used to find the most effective way to create an advertisement.  Companies only change one thing about an ad at a time so that they can know precisely what its viewers like and don’t like about an ad.  I used this technique in my ads by changing the color of the font.

The landing page is from the VFW.org contribution page where people can donate money.  I chose this location because I wanted people to donate money to the VFW so they can continue to help communities and active, returning, and veteran soldiers.  An example of a community project that they do includes collecting food to give to people less fortunate several times during the year.  By clicking the ad, it sends people directly to the page so they don’t have to look around the site trying to find the location.  I could test the effectiveness of Ad1 vs. Ad2 by keeping track of how many times each of them were clicked.  I could also keep track of how many times each one lead to a donation by asking the VFW to use cookies to track this information.